Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Macs Suck - Google Video

I do not like macintoshes. I really do not like macintoshes. I dislike macintoshes so much that the "m" in macintosh does not deserve to be capitalized. This Video makes me feel better. Flames to the bit bucket, please. Remember: macintosh, windows (not worthy of being visible), and LINUX (every letter deserves to be capitalized in LINUX). Here it is:


the other dan said...

very funny video...... my grandparents own one. macs are over priced and its all graphics. i'm still stuck with a windows pc, but im trying to partition my hard drive or buy a new one to get linux. my files on windows are important, so i need to keep it. but im still trying to get linux. the only good apple product ever is the ipod video.

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