Sunday, March 05, 2006

New Geek code

I've updated my geek code (from the original one I posted, see this page) to reflect some issues I noticed after a while. Here is a change log: I've gone from s- to s-:-- based on an event that happeneda few weeks ago. From c++ to c++>$ because I hope to one day make money out of my hobby. From U++ to UL++>++++$. I've done this to reflect that I use the linux variant of unix, and that I would like to be paid to be a linux SysAdmin. Gone From P+ to P+>++ to emphasize that I would like to learn more Perl. I used to be L+++ but now I'm L+++>++++$ because I want to be so good at it, people will pay me for it. From W+++ to being W+++>$ because I want to be (among other things) a webmaster when I grow up. I lied a bit here, so I went from N++ to N+. Sorry. I changed from M- to !M- to express that I will never use a Mac (see This Post for reasons why). I changed from V-- to V?. The reason this was originally V-- was because I believed that Unix was better than anything it came across. But given that I can not compare it with Something I have not used, I should change it to V?. I added 5?because I have never heard of Babylon 5 (flames to the Bit Bucket, Please!?). 'Nuff Said. I went from tv+ to tv-- because I have been watching less and less TV lately. It may change agiain, though. I used to be b++, but had to go to b+ because I can no longer find the time to read (outside of school, and not including PC Magazine and Extreme Tech). I wanted to express that all of the people I live with are complete anti-geeks (see this UserFirendly Comic strip for an Image of the typical anti-geek. My parents are a slight variation fo that, but pretty much the same.). As such, I added h--. I really like the WebToon UserFriendly, so I added UF++. This means "I have two or more User Friendly cartoons posted near my office/cube/whatever." Note that this is not an official part of the Geek Code; Illiad made this up. This is an explanation of what each segment means:

  • UF+++++ I am Illiad.
  • UF++++ I have accumulated more than 500 geekpoints.
  • UF+++ I am a Dust Puppy prototype.
  • UF++ I have two or more User Friendly cartoons posted near my office/cube/whatever.
  • UF+ I have been a victim of the User Friendly Productivity Virus.
  • UF I read User Friendly daily, often understanding it
  • UF- Why are they always picking on Stef? He's my idol.
  • UF-- Don't read it, but the fuzzy thing with feet is cute.
  • UF--- What's their tech support guy's problem? Why can't he answer honest questions without getting an attitude?
  • UF---- I am Crud Puppy.
The Final Geek Code Block now looks like this: -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.12 GCM/GS/E/IT/MC/M/TW/O dx s-:-- !a C++>$ L UL+++>++++$ P+>++ L+++>++++$ E W+++>$ N+ w--- !M- V? Y+ PGP 5? R tv-- b+ DI+ G h-- -----END GEEK CODE BLOCK-----

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