Monday, January 15, 2007

Drupal 5.0

Drupal 5.0 has been released today! Go and check it out at! Check out the new features. Lullabot also has a good video that demonstrates many of the new features at Also look at the site on Drupal 5.0 on

Thursday, January 11, 2007

GIF Animation (And an ethical issue on the side)

In a computer graphics class, one of the projects we were required to do was a GIF animation. This raised a slightly thorny issue as GIF Animations go against everything I have ever learned as a web designer. I started with a Circle Moving around the screen: I then made the circle a ball and made it bounce: For the final project, I used the 4 variants of Ubuntu Linux to make myself feel better about doing a GIF animation in the first place:

Drupal 5.0 RC2

Drupal 5.0 RC2 came out yesterday. I encourage you to install it to your webserver if you have one and try it out! Get it from The Drupal 5.0 RC2 Website.