Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cool WebSite

While stubling across the web, I cam across a cool website about some person who uses a self built "solar death ray" to burn/melt/physiclly deform things like a floppy disk, rubber duck, twinkie, etc. Two Questions:

  1. Why on earth would he build something like this
  2. How come the Combined force of all that solor energy hasn't destroyed an unintentional target, i.e. Bike, Self, House, etc?
This website is located at Check it out Note: This will be added to my cool WebSites List as soon as I get the Sidebar Issues worked out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

System Info Utilities

If your like me, friends, family, and sometimes complete strangers ask you for computer help. One of the Utilities I like to carry with me on USB Key whenever I do this sort of thing is Aida32. Aida 32 id a wonderful program that seems to give you more information than you will ever want. How ever, Aida 32 is a pain in the butt to get and install because the person who wrote it now works for a large company, and can no longer give the softeware away for free. Even if you do manage to find a copy online, it comes in a not-so-easy-to-install-software-with Zip file. To make things easier for myself, I created an Installer for it. Also, Because People ask me questions about it a lot, I have also created a CD with Aida32 and Many other Decent Utilities on it. You can contact me for either of these files at Note: The Website is working now. You can go to and CLick on Aida32 to get aida32. The iso Image it much to large for a free hosting account, so I'll create a torrent for it when I get a chance.