Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sony's PS3 to cost $900 US, Sony's Stock go way down boom

Sony recently announced that their much anticipated PS3 console will cost $900 US. As a result of that, their Stock Price went down to 5,300 ¥ (about $45). This is fucking ridiculouss! I've been talking to people, and we both agree that the only people who will buy this fall into one or more of the following categoriess:

  • Rich Bastards who have so much money that their Idea of spring cleaning is spending some of it
  • The Above, except that they respond to telemarketers by saying "Oh thank god! I'll take 50 of 'em. Finally I can put some of this money that's been lying around to good use!" and mean it
  • People with money burning a hole in their pocket
  • Reviewers for PC Magazine, ExtremeTech, 1up, GMR, etc
  • Employees of Sony.
  • Employees of Microsoft who find the obscure need to rip off All companys that compete with them
  • Bill Gate$ (he'll buy 500 of them and sell them on eBay to increase his wealth)

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