Friday, March 03, 2006

The big DRM mistake

I've been saying that this is why I will never buy an iPod in my life. As soon as you buy just one song in the iTMS, you're locked in. Period. End Of Story. Same story with the iPod. Put just one media file on that thing and you're locked into iTunes. It seems apple hasn't figured out why they only have 1-5% market share in computers (they're much to closed). I hate to say this, but this is where Microsoft has done something right. They licensed the OS to OEMs and hobbyists, and you can run a myriad of hardware and software on Windows (No, I don't own stock in Microsoft, and I've used Linux for the past 3 years). As soon as apple opens up their systems, they will have a new customer buying as many apple products as humanly possible. Draw your own conclusions and leave them in the comments.

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