Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Google Reader

Google Labs (Famous for coming up with new Projects almost monthly) has come out with an RSS Reader similar to Yahoo!'s My Yahoo! Service. You can search for Feeds using (surprise, surprise) the built in search function. If you know the location of the feed, you can also manually enter in the feed location. It also supports importing and exporting via OPML files, good if you've amassed a large collection of RSS Feeds in Products like Mozilla's Thunderbird. If you want to add my feed to Google reader, go to http://tinyurl.com/e399e. Near the top of the window, You can click on the "subscribe" Button. If you need a google account and Don't Have one, you can e-mail me at keenan.dan@gmail.com. I will send you an invite for G-Mail, which includes a google account. You may not need to do this sometime in the future, but for now, that will get you a g-mail account.

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