Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Firefox 1.5

The Mozilla Corporation (not the Foundation anymore) has released the newest release of it's Popular Firefox Web Browser. When I installed the Browser and ran it for the first time, A Wizard guided me through the upgrade process. It checked my extensions and themes for incompatibility, and offered to update them (automatically). If there weren't any updates for them, It Disabled it. New features include integration of the MiniT and Tabrowser Preferences. However, it will break some of your extensions and themes that do not have updates. For example, SpoofStick, an extension I like that tells you what domain you're really at, does not have an updated version. As with most things open-source, I would be surprised if The update doesn't come within the next month or so. Go out and download the New Browser from http://www.mozilla.com. Happy Browsing!

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