Tuesday, November 22, 2005

AOL can edit your AIM Buddy List

Something very disturbing happened today. I come home, I start up Gaim. I get an IM from "AOL System Msg" telling me that they have added AIM boats to my buddy list. Worse yet, they all are AOL services, such as moviefone. The Actual Transcript went like this: (14:57:24) AOL System Msg: AIM added a new AIM boats group to your Buddy List.

(14:57:29) AOL System Msg: Send IMs to moviefone and shoppingbuddy for great holiday flicks and gift ideas. (To remove 'em, just delete them. Learn More) If you use AIM, I strongly discourage you from using it. Then again, what would you expect from the company famous for Closed internet systems (or buying Netscape and destroying it, whichever you prefer).

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