Monday, February 27, 2006

Portable Apps

Today I'm going to talk about all of the Portable Apps I have on my USB Key (or Flash Drive, or USB drive, or whatever you want to call it). I have:

Click Here for info on getting these portable apps.

Portable Firefox

Portable Firefox is just that: A Portable version of firefox. It allows the installation of extensions & Themes, and runs completely off of your USB Key without touching the hard Drive.

Portable Gaim

Portable Gaim is a Portable of the popular Open-Source IM program, Gaim (Adium is the equivalent on the Mac). Plugins can be installed, and, as with the rest of the programs, runs completely off of the USB Key.

Portable NVU

NVU is a webpage editing program based off of Mozilla Composer that is similar to Macrodobe Dreamweaver. It includes Sites, FTP, a pretty descent WYSIWYG editor, HTML Tidy, XHTML, Strict (X)HTML, and many other features.

Portable is an open-source version of Sun's StarOffice. It includes a Word Processor (Writer), Spreadsheet (Calc), Presentations (Impress), Desktop Publishing (Draw), Database (Base), and Math Editor (Math). This program is un-runable on anything less than USB 2.0, so don't try it.

Portable Sunbird

Sunbird is a stand-alone Calendar App from the Mozilla Foundation (The Firefox People). It includes iCal support, import and export of most standard formats (including MS Outlook), Calendar Printing, Publishing and more.

Portable Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a Mail & News Application from the Mozilla Foundation. It is supported by extensions and Themes. It supports RSS, Atom, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, Multiple accounts, and Podcasts (or any feed with an enclosure, for that matter).


PStart is a nice (and by that I mean tiny (size measured in Kilobytes)) app that acts a a launch pad for all of your portable applications. It can also tap into the host computer with a built-in search function. You can organize your Apps into folders, or just leave them alone.

Getting the Portable Apps

You can get all of these portable apps at Something of note: DO NOT TRY TO RUN THESE PROGRAMS ON ANYTHING LESS THAN A USB 2.0 PORT. Otherwise, it will take (trust me on this) forever to load. Even PStart takes about a minute to load, and that's a long time for a program who's size is measured in Kilobytes. You've been warned.

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