Sunday, February 26, 2006

500 Hits?

To all of my loyal readers: I am approaching my 500th Hit on this website. As of 9:05 PM EST February 26, 2006, the counter is at 497. As soon as the counter hits 500 (the counter is at the bottom of the page), please e-mail me at with the following:

  • Your First Name and Last Initial
  • Time you visited the site (please include your Time Zone)
  • a valid e-mail adderess (I won't give ths out)
  • The City, State, and Country you live in (at least the state and country, please)
This is an important time in my blogging history, and I want to preservet this moment in time. Don't include anyhting you don't want the whole world knowing (with the exception of your e-mail adderess). Thank You

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