Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sure, I'm a webdesigner! I have Dreamweaver!

Take a look at this website from digg:

It is the blind leading the blind. I always hear 'Well, the client wanted it this way…' or 'The client really liked the way this was done…' - and that is it, that is the rationalization behind their lack of knowledge for building things improperly. … MANY poorly built sites that do absolutely nothing but sit there - stagnant.
The way I see it, the title should read "Sure I'm a Web Designer! I have FrontPage!" or better yet, based on what I've seen at, "Sure I'm a Web Designer! I have the Latest Version of Microsoft Word!" When I told the guy who desinged it (he's being payed, by the way) that it wasn't working in my Browser (Firefox), he said "Well I tested it in Internet Explorer [XP] and AOL, so it should work..." A lot of people in NJ don't know how to desing websites. I curious to see what Jake Jarvis thinks of this...


Jake Jarvis said...

There were some great points made in that article. I especially agree with the fact that most poorly-built websites just sit there. In my opinion, the new web is about websites (specifically blogs) and RSS feeds that are constantly changing.

Amad said...

I can design :)