Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MS - ebay takeover

With all of the bruh-hah going on lately about a possible Microsoft - ebay taker over, I thought I should comment on an angle that hasn't been covered before.

ebay ownes skype, correct?  What would happen to skype if Microsoft now owned the company that owned skype?  Would skype have 50 million security holes?  Would it become Windows Vista only? (nah, Microsoft wouldn't do that.  They know that Vista is vaporware anyway)  Think about it, and tell me about your conclusions in the comments.

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orville said...

Well this is old news today, I am interested in knowing more about where Donahue comes from and if there are any ties with buy.com

I smell something odd happening in the ebay camp. Maybe bonuses for exec, paypal monopoy, and a host of other antitrust stuff coming from the giant etailer.

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