Friday, July 01, 2005

Irrelevant Rant

Rant On
I know that this is irrelevant, But this needs to be known. This post may qualify as a rant to some, but it is not pointless. Last Saturday, I went to a Catholic Church with my Grandfather. He is immobile (and has been for a very long time) an is in a wheelchair for a broken leg. Well, we went to church, and I was absolutely Mortified that the only way to get into the Church (A house of God, mind you) was a grand staircase and an extremely small wheelchair lift. I mention extremely small because he did not fit in the lift. My Father and My Uncle had to hold the front doors open so his legs could stick out, and had to push the two buttons so the lift thought the doors were closed. Even worse, WE HAD TO FIND SOME TO TURN THE F#%$*&@ WHEELCHAIR LIFT ON! This is ridiculous. I know that a church doesn't have to follow the Handicap rules, but you would expect a church to make modifications for this purpose. I also know that the church in question is fairly new, so you wouldn't have to worry about the historical value. After mass, we needed to do the same thing to get him down the stairs, but their was a luncheon after mass the whole extended family was going to attend. Thinking that there would be a similar lift, we didn't worry about. We thought wrong. The absolutely only way to get into the multi-purpose room where the luncheon was to be held was 5 steps. I should mention at this point that My grandfather is not the leanest man around (Hint Hint). It took a team of FIVE people to carry him down the stairs. Another problem, some bright architect decided to put the Handicap accessible Restrooms AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS! This makes absolutely no senses to me whatsoever. Thankfully, he didn't need to use the Bathroom. Something else I want to mention, is that it took SEVEN people to get him back up the stairs.
Rant Off

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